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What Does your carry bag say about your business?

By Adrian Fong on February 24, 2017 in Latest News

If you want to position your brand as environmentally friendly finding an alternative to using plastic carry bags makes good sense. Using “ Bio degradiabe”  plastic bags is a very transparent form of Green wash which could possibly do more harm than good. The fact is these bags don’t decompose quickly and typically end up in the ocean as seen in the great pacific garbage patch or contributing to the ever growing burden of landfill.

Alternatives to plastic are fabric bags, printed in bright colors these can be eye catching  and very effective with a green message backed  up with social media and website  on why you made the switch. Fabric bags come in many different cloth options and deigns (samples available).

The good old paper bag is still around and is making a comeback. Now found in a number of different paper stocks designs and sizes .My favourite is craft paper bags with twisted paper handles. While not as cheap as plastic bags changing across to paper bags does send a very clear message to your customers that you are the real deal.


What exciting time the signage industry is having with a constant raft of new options.

LED’s now have incredibly long life spans with efficiency and durability to match.

Printed signage now comes in so many substrates its difficult to choose which is the best fit for purpose .We have a raft of bio degradable options you can throw straight onto your compost heap after use . I also like the new reusable wall adhesives that can be pulled off the wall and put backup anytime with no further adhesive required.

Foot path signs still pull customers in store.

A-frame sandwich board

5mm corflute insert
600x900mmx1pc $235+gst;

Foot path sign

600x800mmx1pc is $135+gst
600x1200mmx1pc  $299+gst

Household Advertising

Targeted household letterbox advertising still accounts for the lion’s share of large retailers marketing spend. Long run web print machines make high volume printing cost competitive and improved geographical and demographical household targeting ensure the letterbox remains hard to beat.

Letterbox advertising tips.

Selecting an alternative format and paper stock can make a big difference to your cost.

Run ons are cheap because a large portion of your print cost is making the press ready, so running on additional copies usually  adds very little cost.

Targeting ,the more you know about your customers the more effective we can make your distribution plan …where do customers live , their gender , age group and buying habits all enhance targeting.

Happy New Year we wish you all a successful 2017 we are here to help if you need us.
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