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Email Marketing

By Adrian Fong on August 29, 2013 in Latest News

Email MarketingEmail Marketing

A lot of people just think that Email Marketing is spam.

Well it is not. Cleverly crafted and well targeted Email Marketing can be just as effective, as any other form of marketing. The key knows who you are talking to and what it is that will make them WANT to receive your emails.

Email marketing is a fine balancing act. It involves making sure that you are having a conversation with your clients, managing those people that are leaving and those people that are joining and continuing to establish your brand as something your customers want associate themselves with.

There are a number of things you can do that will make your customers want to receive your emails. The easiest being to give them something they want. It could be a good deal on a product, it could be something to do, a recipe or instructions. Make it exciting and relevant.

Of course I know I have laboured over this point before, but it is a universal truth of advertising. Give someone something that enriches there life. Make them laugh, make them cry; give them something that they can use in there day to day life. Make them engage with you and your brand.

Of course there are also dangers to not doing them properly.

The biggest danger is that people will see your emails as annoying. It might be that they are too frequent, or that they don’t contain any relevant information for your customer. This means that potential customers will unsubscribe and they won’t be continuing the conversation with your brand.

Of course you can’t be disheartened by people unsubscribing form your newsletter, it is, unfortunately, inevitable. It is making sure that you don’t lose those key people whom you think can help your business grow.

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