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Kings Plant Barn Direct Mail

By Adrian Fong on September 26, 2013 in Latest News

Kingd plant barn direct mail piece

With everyone fighting for attention online it is important to remember that physical media AKA direct mail leaves a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain.” In other words media that consumers can touch and feel evokes more emotions than those of the digital variety.

At its core the creative and marketing rational behind the Kings Plant Barn direct mail piece is to push sales by connecting with potential customers on a personal level that is cleverly targeted and is reflective of Kings Plant Barn.

Design, Print and Distribution

The design itself is a unique envelope that is a vibrant reflection of Kings Plant Barn using aspects of their other promotional material to encourage people to spring into action and get to work on their garden. To give customers a kick start, free sunflowers seeds have been included inside the envelope giving the customer the opportunity to experience Kings Plant Barn products and the joy of gardening before stepping foot into a store. A tear off voucher and a Kings Club card have been included as extra incentive for customers to visit their local Kings Plant Barn and pick up a few things to keep their garden on the right track, pushing sales in the process.

The DM piece takes the personal approach a step further by addressing each envelope/letter with each recipient’s name, as customers are more likely to open and respond to a piece of marketing when it is directed to them personally (especially when it’s not bills).
This has then been cleverly distributed across four different areas, surrounding four different stores and has been targeted at newly developed households that may not have had a chance to work on their garden. It has been distributed at a time where conditions are ideal for growing just before the school holidays. Giving the customer the opportunity to visit kings and do a bit of gardening in their spare time or perhaps use it as a fun activity to do with the kids.
As you can see when it comes to Direct Mail, Advice Advertising takes the time to consider all aspects from design and print through to targeted distribution.
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