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Marine Vouchers - Advertisers get in quickThere are Still Spots for Advertisers on Marine!

By now you should have heard about out latest project Marine

We have taking the Westhaven Marina Voucher Booklet that was produced once a year for the last five years and taken it on-line. To be accessed 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Advertisers can change their vouchers any time so keep checking in for the most up to date deals from marine businesses.

Working together with Westhaven and other marinas around Auckland, and around the country will soon be a nationwide site.

We will also be at the NZ Marina Operators Association annual conference in northland in September. If you see us, say hi.

There are still spots to for advertisers so, if you want to place a voucher on get in touch by calling us on (09) 308 9979 or email Adam at It is as cheap as chips at around a dollar a day per marina!

This Article is from the Advice September Newsletter. Also in this issue: Direct Mail SolutionsMarineVouchers.comSpecial Deals.