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Mobile Apps

App development – rapid app deployment for android mobile and windows based applications, we can plan design and build tailor made applications to your exact specifications, anything from novelty games to web based applications are possible with mobile applications which can make use of a dynamic database without any networking setup or need for a dedicated web server. Just let us know your app ideas and we can get cranking!

Mobile apps are a creative new way for businesses to easily communicate with and engage their target. Trends are shifting towards more mobility and more connectivity, and we are commited to helping businesses join the mobile movement.

International Data Corporation (IDC) predict that by 2015 a stunning 182.7 billion mobile apps will be downloaded. We can produce stunning mobile applications. We take your personal needs and overall business objective into consideration when creating your mobile app. To launch off the process we hold a personal consultation to discuss a creative concept design tailored to your business. Our skilled designers will then propose the aesthetic template to visualize the concept which will be developed upon your approval. We work closely with you from the first stages of planning to the execution of a visually compelling mobile application ensuring your mobile app is to your liking and ready for deployment!

Here is just some of the technical stuff we can do:

(Visual Basic.Net and C#, ..NET Framework 4.5 Windows Applications, Windows Forms Applications, Databases, SQL Management Server 2012, .NET Framework 4.0 Data Access and ADO.NET, Relational Database Management Systems, LINQ, Mobile Phone development, API Interfaces, SQL Lite Databases, Geolocation Using XML, Text to Speech, Interacting with the SMS Messaging System, Maps – Hashmap for Java, Hashtables for .NET, Android with JSON, ASP, Database Programming in C# with SQL, C# with XNA)