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Plastic Bag Free July

By Adrian Fong on July 19, 2017 in Latest News

I went to Four Square today and was pleased to see “Plastic Bag Free July” in full swing. Unfortunately there wasn’t a paper bag alternative and buying more jute bags for the cupboard didn’t really suit.

I left plastic bag free with an armful of groceries.

To my mind, not having a paper bag alternative was a missed marketing opportunity by Four Square. That aside, having a plastic bag free July is definitely a move in the right direction.

Finally a campaign to curb our usage of these environmental nasties.

Kiwi shoppers plough through more than a billion plastic bags a year, we use roughly one plastic bag a day.

Most plastic bags are destined to take up space in landfill, litter the landscape or end up in the ocean where they kill marine animals.

International figures show around 100,000 whales, dolphins, seals and turtles are killed each year by plastic.

Paper bags are the most environmentally friendly alternative. Paper bags are easily disposed of in compost or the fire place. They break down and won’t poison the planet like plastic will.

The new consumer generation is very conscious of the effects plastic bags and putting your company brand on something that takes a life time to break down isn’t prudent.

Why not become a leader in your industry. Being seen to be doing your part in reducing plastic and saving the environment is clever marketing. Positioning your brand in this space will more than pay for itself and your kids and grandkids will certainly love you for it.

Here at Advice we are committed to reducing the use of plastic bags and we can provide you with an alternative .We supply paper bags at any quantity, printed or plain, at a range of sizes, and colours all delivered to your door.

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