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Selecting the right Media

By Adrian Fong on February 11, 2014 in Latest News

Food for thought when deciding which media option is the best  for your business to advertise with.

When comparing media it really is a matter of picking horses for courses however if we were to boil it down to basics the four main things to consider look like this

  1. The first golden rule is “ Know you customers” this means find out as much as you can and try and build a profile on their demographics  and  geographic location.
  2. Then look at the profiles of different media in terms or who are this media’s viewers or readers and see if you can find a match or close to match to your customer profile.
  3. Then look   to see which media offers you the best reach (distribution, circulation, listenership or viewership) in your target area.
  4. Finally how do the costs compare when you look at the audience numbers delivered for the dollars how much does it cost to per thousand viewers/readers or listeners.

Let’s use a shoe store as an example and compare two media options 1.a daily newspapers to 2.letterbox delivered catalogue

In this example this is a shoe store. Target audience = middle income woman of 30 to 50 years of age and the store is situated in Onehunga Auckland.

 Let’s look at the profiles of typical readers of these two media

  1. The profile of a typical Daily Newspaper  reader is male of 40 + with a medium –high income
  2. The typical letterbox delivered catalogue reader is female of 30 + years and of low to medium income.
  3. The daily newspaper has a subscriber base
  4. With a catalogue campaign you build your own distribution plan according to where you want to distribute too.
  5. With a catalogue campaign you can also filter that distribution further in to a low medium or high income.


Newspapers advertisements have to be created to a predetermined size. Space is sold according to size by column centimetre with additional charges for colour and placement (i.e. higher read space is sold with a loading). The design layout and content are the only areas you have any control over.

In catalogue production nothing is predetermined i.e. you get to chose the shape, the size, the number of pages , the paper stock, content and where and to whom you would like to distribute.

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