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Online – It is all about making your business as visible as possible, through clever Website Design and Online Communication.

Online is all about making your business as visible as possible; through clever Website Design and Online Communication.

New Zealand is 9th in the world for overall internet usage. This comes ahead of the UK who sit in 15th place, Australia who are in 21st and even the USA who come in at 23rd position on the list. This should highlight the importance of taking your business online.  This all sounds very promising for New Zealand business. However, according to recent report by MYOB in October 2012 only 35% of New Zealand businesses are online. Through clever website design and a strong online presence Advice is works to make your business a strong part of New Zealand digital landscape.

Website Design – making you on-line presence felt.

Website Design

We believe we can make the internet a better place for you and your business. A visible, well designed website will go a long way to improving your business. Keeping it top of the search engines results, and top of mind for your clients.

With some simple tips, tricks and designers with a strong eye for the visual we work to create websites that offer you more. Giving more clicks and increasing your return on investment.

EDM – Communicating to your Audience.

Once we have nailed the website design it is about communicating directly to your audience. Communicating with them one on one and keeping your business top of mind.

Here at Advice we believe your inbox should work just as hard as your letterbox. With our skills in copywriting and design we can surely create something clever to help you see better results with your Electronic Direct Mail or eNewletter.

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If you are interested in taking your business to the next level with great website design and clever communication then do not hesitate to contact us. We are always interested in chatting to you about your ideas and figuring out how we can be a part of creating effective creative that works!